Coast Down to the Ghost Town

Along the Canaveral National Seashore, just a short drive south from the Riverview Hotel lies Eldora, an exotic ghost town where you can visit the historical and enchanting Eldora Statehouse. We recommend taking picturesque Atlantic Avenue along the coast through Mosquito Lagoon Aquatic Preserve, where you’re likely to catch a glimpse of manatee, dolphins, or sea turtles in their natural habitat. As you approach the ghost town from the north, you’ll begin to notice the many beautiful, historically-rich residences now newly restored. The Statehouse itself is ensconced by lush palms and ready for you to explore; you’ll find informative videos, photographs, and various artifacts that shed light on the fascinating narrative of this once thriving fishing community that so quickly faded to a phantom of its former self. Once you’ve had your fill of mystery, you can head back to Riverview Grill, where the finest Florida dinner awaits.

Address: Parking Area #8 on the Eldora Loop Road, Eldora