Run for Your Life!

If you want to try something different this Halloween, how about running from zombies? At the Little Devil Dash in New Smyrna Beach, visitors can do just that! Located less than five minutes from our New Smyrna Beach, on Halloween morning visitors are invited to show up in costume for either the 5k or 10k race with a twist: participants can get a flag football belt to wear as they run and "zombies" will chase after them and try to pull it off. Those who make it out with their flags intact get a "I Survived the Zombie 5k" shirt, those who don’t get a "I Turned Zombie at the Zombie 5k" shirt instead. Runners, walkers and joggers are all welcome and there will be tons of prizes for race winners as well as best costume awards. So get those legs pumping and watch out for zombies!

Address: 201 Buenos Aires St, New Smyrna Beach

Thank You