Your Key Questions Answered

What changes can I expect during the COVID Pandemic?

We do require for you to wear a mask in the spa and during your service so please bring one that you are comfortable in. Check-in is only allowed 10 minutes prior to your service time and you will be required to sign a waiver upon arrival.

The locker room is only accessible after your treatment. You will receive a robe in your treatment room and then a locker will be assigned to you after your service by your therapist if you need one. Our showers in the locker room are temporarily closed.

Our hot tubs are available for you to use after your service for 1 hour in order to maintain social distancing. If you are planning to have lunch with us, please make your order upon arrival to make the most of your pool time.

We are continuing to do wellness checks for our employees, so in the case that your therapist does not pass our wellness check, your appointment may be cancelled last minute for your own protection. If you are experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms or come in contact with anyone who has COVID, please cancel your appointment and reschedule for another time.

What do I need to bring with me?

Bring your swimsuit if you would like to use the pools while you are here. We do supply thong slippers. If you are uncomfortable in that type of sandal, please bring a pair with you so you are comfortable. Our locker room is equipped with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, hair spray, mouthwash, razors, shaving cream, feminine products, Q-Tips, combs and blow dryers. Please bring any other amenities you will need that are not listed above.

How should I dress when coming to the spa?

You may wear whatever you would like. When you arrive, you will be given a spa robe for changing.

Why do I need to arrive early for my appointment?

Arriving 30 minutes in advance of your first appointment gives you plenty of time to change into your robe and use the mineral pool or waterfall whirlpool if you would like.

* If you have a 9:00 a.m. appointment, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment to allow time to change into your robe. The mineral pool and waterfall whirlpool will be available to use after your service.

* Unfortunately, late arrivals may not receive an extension of scheduled treatments, so as not to inconvenience other spa guests.

What should I wear under my robe to a treatment?

We never want our guests to feel uncomfortable. We recommend that when receiving massages you disrobe completely. You will be covered at all times with a sheet except for the specific part of the body being treated. When receiving a facial or a nail treatment, you may leave your underwear on.

Do I need to tip the spa therapist?

A gratuity is not added in to the cost of your treatment. Feel free to give your therapist cash if you would like. For your convenience, the receptionist can add a gratuity to your final bill and make sure that all of your therapists receive their tip. If you have lunch with us, a 15% gratuity is added automatically to your bill for your server.

What do I do if I need to cancel my appointment?

Because your spa appointments are reserved specially for you, we ask that you notify the spa a minimum of 24 hours in advance should you need to reschedule to avoid a 50% charge for service. However, if you call us and we are able to fill your appointment we will not charge you the cancellation fee.

May I bring my child to the spa?

We do not allow guests under the age of 16 in the spa. As a courtesy to our other guests, we do not allow you to bring your children with you to your treatments.

May I use my cell phone while in the spa?

So that an atmosphere of relaxation can be maintained, and as a courtesy to our other spa guests, we ask that all cell phones be turned off and not used while in the spa.

Can I purchase a spa gift certificate over the phone?

Yes! We can mail a gift certificate anywhere for you or have it ready to be picked up. Call with a credit card and the amount you would like on the card.